press & publications

Every now and then I’m fortunate enough to have my work featured elsewhere, to include those published in print, online or performed at local venues. My most recent accomplishments are below:


“Caught in the Body” ft. at the Puget Sound Poetry Connection Poetry Box, Oct 2016

“The Fog Will Rise Over White-Tailed Deer” ft. on Creative Colloquy, Aug 2016

“What We Hide Beneath Our Coats” ft. on Creative Colloquy, Jan 2016

“Like a Crime Scene,” ft. in Creative Colloquy Volume Two (Print Collection), Nov 2015

“Like a Crime Scene,” ft. on Creative Colloquy, Aug 2015


“Olympia Farmers Market Holiday Events” on OLY ARTS (online & print), Nov 2016

“Evan Horback and Bryan Willis Awarded Artist Trust Grants” on OLYARTS.COM, Oct 2016

“Sierra Hull Bluegrass Concert” on OLYARTS.COM, Oct 2016

“Geraldine Ondrizek Visual Art Exhibit” on OLYARTS.COM, Oct 2016

“Catching My Breath on Mount Si” ft. on The Expeditioner, Sep 2016

Writer Interview with Lisa Montanino of Accidental Bohemian, Jan 2016

Book Review: 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons by Curtis W. Jackson, Dec 2015

“Dark & Unexpected Inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges,” Nov 2015

Book Review: Startup Blueprint, Nov 2015

Book Review: The Nature of Risk by David X Martin, Oct 2015

Book Review: Twitter Marketing: The Launch, Tips and Tricks: From Beginner to Expert by Froilan Dugeno, Oct 2015

Book Review: The Day of the Tiger by William Peskett, Aug 2015

Book Review: Delhi Yarns by Nabaneeta Dangwal, Aug 2015

Book Review: Epic of Time by Sandip Goswami, Jul 2015

Short Stories

“The King’s Coat” ft. on 101Words, Dec 2015

“Mugsy’s Move” ft. on 101Words, Nov 2015

“Lost in Dictation” ft. on 101Words, Oct 2015

“Love & Monsters” ft. on Creative Colloquy, Oct 2015

Featured Reader: “Love & Monsters,” Creative Colloquy reading event, Oct 2015

“Supernova,” ft. on 101Words, Sep 2015

“The Green Scene,” ft. on Creative Colloquy, Sep 2015

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