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destiny-city-comicsA few weeks ago, Literally Tacoma convinced our city’s very own Michael Fitzgerald to sit down with us and chat about storytelling in comics, gaming, and basically all things literary-nerd related.

As Tacoma’s resident comic book expert and proud owner of Destiny City Comics, Michael Fitzgerald set William and I straight more than a few times. Listen in to get his inside scoop on upcoming superhero movies and shifting story lines, and to build your street-cred alongside Creative Colloquy’s podcast team, Literally Tacoma.

PS: After spending a few hours wedged between William Turbyfill and Michael Fitzgerald, my Literary Nerd status increased to level 3 (and I mean this in the most positive way)!

A Literary Podcast ft. Margaret Ross

A few weeks, ago, Literally Tacoma, Creative Colloquy‘s literary themed podcast, sat down with the founder of the Remann Hall Book Club, Margaret Ross. William and I both walked away from our rendezvous with Margaret feeling incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with such an amazing woman and community activist.

logo picture - largeIf you aren’t familiar with it already, the Remann Hall Book Club is a non profit organization in Tacoma, Washington, that provides a twice-monthly book club experience to youth in detention. The books are the only possessions the youth are allowed to keep with them, and the book club provides a positive outlet for young adults whom otherwise might not be exposed to literature in their lives.

If you have a few minutes of free time, listen in to the podcast and see what Margaret has to say about her work with the book club, her inspirations, and what being a part of the book club means to a lot of these young adults held in the detention center. I can only hope that one day I’m able to do as much good in the world as Margaret. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to support the Remann Hall Book Club. Here are a few links for those who’d like to do the same:

To see which books the youth are reading now, look into volunteering or donate directly, visit Remann Hall Book Club or check out their Facebook page.

To purchase a book for the book club, or to donate a few dollars, visit King’s Books online or stop by the storefront.

Listen to a few of the Remann Hall youth perform their own poetry, recorded by Louder Than A Bomb, Tacoma and posted on SoundCloud.

Happy listening, my friends!

A Literary Podcast ft. Bad-Ass Poet, Conne Walle

connie___Literally_tacomaMy dear friends, if you haven’t been introduced to Connie Walle before, please, let me have the honor. Connie Walle, who William and I had the pleasure of interviewing a few weeks ago, is an a bad-ass poet and the president of the Puget Sound Poetry Connection here in the Pacific Northwest.

Connie is also one of the sassiest women I’ve met, and I love her for it. I’m always eager to chat with strong women who strive to positively impact their community, and Connie does just that. In fact, she was recently recognized for her amazing work by the Tacoma Arts Commission when she received the 2015 AMOCAT  Arts Award for community outreach by an individual.

It was incredibly fun to interview Connie, and I hope listeners will appreciate her wit, her poetry, and her spirit as much as we did here at Literally Tacoma. Put the coffee on, pull up a chair, and enjoy the podcast. Happy listening!

{For those of you who don’t know, Literally Tacoma is literary-themed podcast produced by Creative Colloquy, a literary organization that fosters the writing community in the South Sound through unique literary events and publications}

A Literary Podcast ft. Sweat Pea Flaherty


A few weeks ago, the host of our casual lil’ podcast, Literally Tacoma, sat down with Sweat Pea Flaherty of King’s Books. Yes, that’s right, the King’s Books; the very same bookstore that steals the heart of any Tacoma book lover whom crosses its path.

Sweat Pea chatted with our witty host, Mr. William Turbyfill, and myself (I’m almost witty) about his literary journey through life, the busy schedule of events at King’s, and two inquisitive little felines that roaming the bookstore.

All you need to do  is grab a beer, kick your feet up, and listen in, my friends. Creative Colloquy’s podcast team has done the rest. Happy Listening!