Literary Musings of Skokomish Valley

This past weekend I went camping in Skokomish Valley, Washington, and I was blown away by the beauty of the wildflowers peaking up through the brush. I couldn’t believe how varied they were in type, let alone the saturation of their purple and gold petals.

I kept thinking of Ann Patchett’s novel, State of Wonder, as I hiked along old hunting roads in the heat, surrounded by vibrant flora. Now, I know what you’re thinking: that book is set in South America, in the sweltering Amazonian forest. And the main character is hardly enjoying herself as she stumbles into a world of traditional medicine and company secrets. 

But it’s not about the plot here, my friends. It’s about the way the book feels. It’s about the intensity of the imagery and the delicacy of the details in Patchett’s book. It all came back to me as I enjoyed the view of tree-covered mountains in front of me. Continue reading

Literally Tacoma Podcast: Jennifer Chushcoff

Ahem (she cough-coughs, then speaks up)

Excuse me, Washington artists, writers, and creative extraordinaires: I thought you’d like to know that Creative Colloquy’s podcast, Literally Tacoma, snagged an interview with Jennifer Chushcoff this week!

Jennifer, as always, charmed our pants off as she chatted with the host, William Turbyfill about Washington, writing, and H2O. Check out the podcast below and enjoy!


For more Literally Tacoma podcasts, check out our webpage, here.

And while you’re at it, delve into the world of Jennifer Chushcoff , too.

It’s offical(ly) (ish)

2016 is going to rock my socks off, I can feel it! This year I’ve started volunteering with Creative Colloquy, a wonderful literary organization in Tacoma that provides a platform to highlight literary talent in the South Sound. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier! I’m so excited to be a part of an organization that values literature and building a sense of community here in Tacoma. I’ve also started reviewing books for another snazzy blogging site, Blogging for Books, which sends you titles from Penguin Random House free of charge (it all feels very official), in exchange for an honest review. The process is surprisingly simple and the selection of books is…let me just say… off the chain!  At this rate, I won’t have to purchase books for a very, very long time. Woohoo!

Blogging for Books Logo

This year is mine for the taking, folks, mark my words (literally, you can mark my words, I’m always looking for peer edits and helpful comments on my work). Despite a forced hiatus from technology in January and a creative dry spell over the last few weeks, I know this year has a lot of great things in store for me. See the above two paragraphs as exhibit a and b. Happy reading, everyone!

a week of micro poems, each a valley & peak

Somehow, there are still days and weeks when I am surprised that my life revolves so heavily around the Army and its required training, duties, qualifications, etc. I especially felt that this week, as life pushed me onto the ground like a bully, then helped me up when the cool kids weren’t looking anymore. I hope you enjoy reading these micro poems, the content this week is diverse and a bit disjointed (but hey, I do what I want).  Happy Reading!


The cold slinks in
Moving lightly
Focused only on my back
Is turned,

Everyone holding their breath
Stiffening & ready
To pounce Continue reading