Professional Advice for Installing Exterior Tile and Stone

Professional Advice for Installing Exterior Tile and Stone


Installing the right exterior tile and stone properly is important for the longevity of the design. It is important to research the best tiles for the job, whether the project is for indoor or outdoor purposes. Watch this video to hear more about tile installation.

Any tile you choose should not be any more than 3% porous and should be even less for outdoor tiles.

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To better protect tiles and stone from water damage, a sealer can be used either before or after the tile installation. Outdoor tiles must also be able to expand and contract due to temperature.

The installation needs to be prepared for the movement of the tiles. Movement joints and flexible sealants can help with this. Movement joints should be added every 8 feet. Soft joints should be added to all steps and risers. Protect the tiles from the sun, wind, and rain during the setting process.

Balconies, porches, and decks should be tiled with extra caution, as the outdoor factors, as well as drainage, need to be considered. The water must be able to run off the tile and away from the building.

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