Secrets Funeral Homes Dont Want You to Know


Funeral homes play a fundamental part in society. Funeral homes play a huge role in the bereaved families to ensure that the body of their dead loved ones is taken care of. While the families are grieving their loss, funeral home services are the trusted people to take good care of the remains of the lost family member.

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Their prime role is to prepare the dead body for family viewing and necrological services.

Do you know what funeral homes do to your body?

Your body will stay in the morgue freezer and wait for the doctor to do the internal and external exams.

The doctor will examine your organs by taking everything out of your body, like lungs, pancreas, liver, and all parts of it.

The funeral home will wash your body to remove the marks of the examination process. They will put you in the freezer until the results are clear.

The embalmer will then take care and remove the other fluids in your body and spray you with formaldehyde for preservation. They will also style you until you are ready to get into the coffin for viewing.

After all the viewing and necrological services, your body will be subject to cremation. After it, your ashes will be put into an urn for your family to keep.


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