How Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Designed

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Are Designed


A fire sprinkler system designer works to make fire sprinklers that will actively fight fires and keep your home or your business safe. The sprinkler head is made of a threaded base that is tapped directly into the water system. The water line is going to be built into the ceiling. The sprinkler head is directly tapped into the water line and is made of a sprinkler head, a glass bulb, and a valve that keeps the sprinkler valve closed.

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The glass bulbs are meant to break when they are heated to a certain temperature. These temperatures range from 135 degrees Fahrenheit up to 440 degrees. When the bulb bursts, the valve then lets loose and the water to fight the fire. There are both wet and dry pipe systems. The dry pipe system is not going to have water in it at all times, while wet systems always have positive water pressure.

These systems help to fight fire when it happens, or at the very least, contain it so that the fire department can get to the home and help to fight the fire before it spreads to the rest of the home. Make sure you have a good fire sprinkler design in your workplace. .

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