How to Install a Central Air Conditioner

How to Install a Central Air Conditioner


There’s nothing like cool, fresh air. It makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. But have you ever thought about getting more than just cool air?

If so, then a central air conditioning system might be right for you. That is especially the case if your home is lacking in proper air conditioning. The central air conditioner is a big investment so you want to get it right the first time to help you out with this process, here’s a guide on how to install an air conditioner of your own.

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•Gather and prepare the materials.

•Determine where you want to mount the air conditioning unit.

•Drill holes for and mount the mounting bracket.

•Hang the air conditioning unit by sliding the mounting bolts through the bracket and into the frame of the unit.

•Connect the copper tubes to the condenser.

•Fill the condenser with refrigerant and turn on the power.

Air conditioning installation must be performed in coordination with your home, the space limitations, and the comfort level required. There are many ways to install an air conditioner by yourself but, if you don’t have the right tools, you may run into problems accessing the area where the AC unit needs to be placed. By following this guide, you can help make your next air conditioning installation go smoothly for all involved.


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