What are the Warning Signs of a Dangerous Tree

What are the Warning Signs of a Dangerous Tree


If you are in need of emergency tree removal, you should consider some tips and advice from experienced people or professionals. Having a large tree in your yard nearby the house or other value items can be dangerous, and cause physical and financial damage. Knowing when the right time is to cut down a tree is important, so think about how this may be impacting you and your home.

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For doing emergency tree removal, having a contractor or tree removal company on hand would be a good idea for a service that happens fast. Bulging, flaking bark, and hanging branches are all signs that your big tree should be cut down and removed. Decay pockets are a huge sign that the tree is losing strength, and hearing a loud thud when you hit the tree with a mallet is good indication that this is happening. When decay starts on the inside of the trunk, the remaining live wood becomes under distress, and the tree grows bigger. This is so the tree can continue surviving, and a bulge will occur in the trunk, showing there is a weak spot. Have an arborist come out and take a look at your trees if you are unsure whether or not your tree needs removing.

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