What Does a Fire Watcher Do?

What Does a Fire Watcher Do?


If you work in a hot environment and you are looking for more ways to keep your crew and warehouse safe, hiring fire watch services can do just that. A fire watcher is someone who surveys the work area to spot any accidental fires that may start. If you are a business owner for a welding company or any other company that works with welding, you should hire a fire watcher.

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A fire watcher will make sure that the professional firefighters in the area are alerted. In this video, an expert will go over what fire watchers do and how they can keep your crew and products safe from accidental fires.

By hiring someone who will watch for fires across the ensure area of your warehouse, they will be able to alert the fire department before the fire alarms would even be able to detect the smoke from a small fire before it spreads. In order to keep your company safe from accidental fires, you should hire a fire watcher and ensure your fire alarms are up to date.

Watch this entire video to learn all about what fire watchers do and how they can benefit your company.


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