Why You Should Enroll Your Dog in Doggy Day Care

Why You Should Enroll Your Dog in Doggy Day Care


With humans seeing their dogs more and more as part of the family, doggy day care has become a more accepted part of the landscape for pets and humans alike. Here, along with a helpful video, are some benefits of Doggy Day Care.

Dogs are pack animals with a social instinct that at times can flummox even the most gregarious humans. Making sure your puppy has the doggy friends he needs can be a challenge, and even an hour or two at the dog park might not be enough.

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Safe play is an enriching benefit of doggy day care. Your pet can have fun without letting anyone you may not know into your home. You can be sure that your doggy day care will be a safe place for your pet, with lots of canine and human friends to play with.

Your dog also won’t be worried about you being out late. And if your good boy or girl needs a little grooming, you can arrange that with the doggy day care as well. Your pet will enjoy daycare and you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home isn’t being ransacked by a bored friend!


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