Professionals and Places Families Should Have on Speed Dial

Professionals and Places Families Should Have on Speed Dial


Consider how frustrating it is to search in your phonebook for a specific number. Perhaps you want to place a simple food order, or make a reservation, or contact emergency services. If you’re one of those families on the go, you don’t have to key in long digits or constantly search for contacts, thanks to speed dialing. However, which contacts should you save on the speed dial? Below is a list of places and professionals your family should have on the speed dial, and take the pressure off some of life’s most critical moments.

1. Estate Planning Attorneys

As far as families go, the acquisition of matrimonial wealth, individually owned properties, and assets make up a family’s estate. At any point in time, your estate must be in good hands, for you and your family’s well-being. In such a case, at some point, you’ll need a skilled estate planning lawyer on the speed dial.

Estate planning is a continuous process. Considering life’s ever-changing events, you’re likely to make changes as you go along. The birth of your grandchildren, divorce, death, or personal preferences are just some of these instances. When you need to make an informed decision, it helps to speed-dial your estate lawyer for prompt legal support.

A well-drafted estate plan highlights all possessions on your estate, your wishes, and other relevant documents that reinforce your wishes. An estate plan, therefore, must be updated frequently, and having your estate lawyer on speed dial is a great way to quickly reach them to review your inventory and reevaluate your estate’s value. An updated estate plan could be the difference between your beneficiaries receiving their rightful wealth without delay or being dragged through an exhausting and sometimes frustrating court process.

Family disputes can also arise over possessions you own but weren’t included in your estate plan. However, your estate lawyer is just a ‘speed dial’ away. It would help if you and your family could contact them quickly during family mediation processes to avoid court fines and penalties.

2. Schools

Let’s face it; taking kids to school is never easy. You have a lot to be concerned about. Away from the comfort and safety of home, any parent would want complete reassurance that their kids are safe, healthy, and in a good learning environment. What better way to keep track of your child’s progress than by having their school on speed dial?

Families on the go have tight schedules. Working parents, for example, may have to drop their kids at one of the local private schools and pick them up later. Your daily schedule is possibly packed. Wouldn’t it be convenient to speed dial your child’s school and find out how your child is doing?

Similarly, parents considering early childhood education want peace of mind knowing their children are in safe hands. However, you must consider your options carefully as you scout for a suitable local early learning center near you. Before long, your child will be old enough to attend preschool.

By then, you’ll be more at ease, knowing their learning progress is on track. Still, you can’t settle for less. Make a checklist of the preschools in your area and pick the top preschool; a school that has all the required facilities and values updating you on your child’s progress and well-being.

3. Bowling Alleys

Families on the go need to take time off busy work and school schedules and spend quality time together. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to try. Today’s pick, however, is bowling. Bowling is fun and a great way to hang out with family while interacting with the local community.

Like any recreational facility, bowling alleys are your all-in-one shop for fun and plenty of activity for every family member. Bowling alleys have different games too, such as Karaoke, Billiards tables, darts, and arcade games. Also, reputable bowling alleys don’t just invest in quality bowling and indoor games, but also a good dining experience.

What makes bowling a fun family activity is how relaxed the sport is. Both young and senior family members will have a good time. You don’t have to be good at bowling to enjoy yourself. Bowling exercises the body and mind, and leaves you refreshed, besides the fact that it’s a great way to create precious family memories.

So why not plan a weekend bowling night for your family? Bowling alleys have suitable hours on weekdays too, so pick a day when every family member is free. Choose a good bowling alley near you; fair prices for both on-peak and off-peak hours, stylish interior, good food and drinks, and other fun activities.

For good measure, have your favorite bowling alley on the speed dial. This way, you can easily contact the bowling alley and make early or last-minute reservations. Did you also know bowling alleys make for excellent birthday party places? Surprise a family member by hosting their birthday party at your favorite bowling alley.

4. Surrogate Agencies

Surrogacy is an extensive process with many procedural, legal, and medical steps. Thanks to surrogate agencies, however, families on the go don’t have to handle anything on their own, and for good reasons. Surrogate agencies guide you throughout the surrogacy journey.

There’s a lot to factor in when you’re considering surrogacy. But you’re in good hands since surrogate agencies provide a wide range of services dedicated to managing different cases. Your surrogate agency helps coordinate between involved medical persons and facilities, attorneys, and all parties involved.

Consider the cost to have a surrogate; the challenge of finding a suitable and willing carrier for your child. Unsurprisingly, surrogate agencies are experts at screening and matching surrogate candidates. Furthermore, surrogate agencies handle your surrogacy journey from beginning to end and prevent errors or complications.

Surrogacy is emotionally draining and entails constant updates on the health of your baby and carrier. Being the intended parent, you want a seamless connection between you and your surrogate. This crucial connection is exactly what surrogate agencies offer. Saving your surrogate agency on speed dial, thus, quickly connects you to your agency’s services and lets you focus on preparing for the birth of your child.

5. Dentists

The importance of a healthy set of teeth and gums can’t be overstated. Although good personal hygiene habits are recommended, it’s hard to beat the benefits of having access to a wide range of dental services. It’s more than enough reason to save your dentist on speed dial.

Regular dental appointments keep your teeth and gums in good condition. Remember, using your teeth daily exposes them and your gums to wear and tear. Your dentist is trained to spot any developing dental health problems and apply the appropriate treatment.

Whether at work, in a public place, or at home, existing dental health problems are not good for your self-esteem. Misaligned, stained, or broken teeth are among examples of dental health issues that can lower your confidence, and, consequently, affect your daily life. However, thanks to advancements in dental medicine, dental services are now more affordable and accessible. Families on the go can now contact the nearest dental office, schedule a dental appointment, and have a dental healthcare plan tailored to their preferences.

6. Real Estate Lawyers

Owning land, a home, or property comes with its fair share of challenges. Because investing in real estate is one of the biggest decisions in life, it’s smart to have a legal representative to safeguard your interests. Families on the go are all too familiar with the challenges of navigating the real estate market, especially during peak seasons. Conversely, having a real estate law service on speed dial to help you make informed decisions is crucial.

For starters, real estate contracts require a good understanding of real estate law. You can’t initiate a transaction before making sure the terms and conditions are clear and align with your preferences; due diligence only a licensed real estate lawyer can guarantee. Similarly, you’re investing in your future’s security. Anything could happen, including a second party claiming ownership of your land, home, or property. If the second party decides to file a lawsuit, you’ll be glad you hired a real estate lawyer.

Everything has to be in order during the closing of a real estate transaction; title insurance, deed, mortgage, and final property inspection. Your real estate lawyer has plenty of experience in such situations. They’ll provide you with legal support, ensure the deal closes smoothly, and protect your interests throughout the legal process.

7. Hotels

Every so often, you’ll need a break from the daily pressures of work and school. While vacations and long holidays are the most conventional forms of escape, you don’t have to wait that long. Weekend ‘staycations’ at a nice hotel near you are just as refreshing, less costly, and a suitable option for families on the go.

Hotel getaways, when well planned, can give you and your family the relaxation you need without the associated hassle and expense. Think about all the preparation you have to do when planning for a vacation. With hotel staycations, all you have to do is pick a suitable hotel. Go for a hotel with a unique selection of recreational facilities, an excellent menu, and quality service delivery. It’s also a good idea to have your preferred hotel on speed dial, so you can quickly contact the hotel’s management, make reservations ahead of time, and avoid delays.

8. Family Doctor

Over time, demanding school programs and a busy work life, if not managed by a licensed health professional, can take a toll on you and your family’s health. Although some families may find hiring a family doctor an unnecessary expense, families on the go can’t risk making the same assumption. A family doctor is an extremely valuable asset, especially in a busy household. When there’s barely time to do personal checks on your health, your family doctor can monitor you and your family’s health through regular check-ups. These check-ups are cheaper, spot health conditions early, and prevent serious health problems and huge medical bills.

Family doctors have flexible working arrangements. Your family doctor can check up on you at home, at work, or in your preferred place. You’re assured of personalized medical attention and immediate help in case of emergencies.

A family doctor has a better understanding of you and your family’s health concerns. They can also refer you to a good specialist to address a specific health concern. Most households find family doctors indispensable. As more families focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle amidst busy lives, it’s only practical to have your family doctor on the speed dial.

9. Cinema

It’s interesting how, for as long as the filmmaking industry has existed, going to the movies has been a great way to spend quality time with family. Families on the go, for instance, can always make time on free weeknights and weekends to watch a movie in their favorite cinema theater.

Generally, cinemas are a great pick for family movie nights. They are designed to give you a memorable movie experience. A movie theater is the perfect place to unwind with family and, for a few precious moments, forget about work and school; and then laugh all the way home as you rehash some of the most exciting, and sometimes absurd, scenes.

It’s, however, essential to select family-appropriate movies, those that every member of your family can watch without dad or mum feeling embarrassed. After going through the list of movie showings, write a list of preferable cinemas near you and save them on the speed dial. Remember, cinemas have different regulations, and it’s important to inquire early about ticket-buying terms and conditions.

Early preparations will get you good seats. You’ll avoid delays or, in the worst-case scenario, the possibility of missing out on tickets. If you haven’t considered family movie nights as a wonderful way to catch up with loved ones over a busy week, it’s never too late!

10. GPS Companies

GPS tracking is an essential part of everyday life, from your daily commute to keeping track of your family and property. Although businesses have been reaping the benefits of GPS tracking technology for years, families on the go can also take advantage of GPS tracking and maintain close, visual connections in real time. Typically, it’s a lot cheaper to consider GPS survey equipment rental services instead of a complete purchase. GPS tracking is extremely sophisticated and expensive, even for established businesses.

Hiring a GPS company is more cost-effective. Ideally, it should have the latest GPS tracking technology, so you can still access quality services at a cheaper fee. This is a great way to protect your children, pets, senior family members, and property from harm and theft at all times.

It’s essential to save your preferred GPS company on speed dial. In case of technical issues with your GPS tracking system, you can contact them for tech assistance. It also helps you to react quicker to urgent situations, such as medical emergencies and theft. Keep your loved ones and properties safe by investing in a reputable GPS company near you.

Your family’s well-being is only as strong as the networks supporting its structure. Whether you want access to social amenities, recreational services, GPS tracking, legal support, or medical assistance, family relationships are strengthened when you have crucial people, places, and professions on the speed dial. The networks mentioned above are a few of the contacts families on the go require. Despite improvements in various infrastructures and ease of access to affordable social, legal, and medical services, using the speed-dial facility to speedily contact people, places and institutions is still a preferred mode of communication.

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