Top Questions About Police Body Cams

Top Questions About Police Body Cams


Police body cams have surged in popularity in recent years. Many areas require all of their police officers to wear one, and to turn it on while in situations. In fact, they are being used so much and recording so much footage that there is a serious body camera data storage problem. In this video, you will learn all about the questions surrounding the data of police body cams.

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Since the use of body cams is relatively new, there is a lot unknown surrounding them. Since their use is also surging, these unknowns are becoming quite the problem. This video will explore these unknowns with you, raising questions and searching around for answers that may not exist. For example, who owns the footage? How can footage be released? What can be done about the storage problem? You should end up with a new understanding and a new perspective of body cams.


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