How Can You Prove Discrimination at Work?

How Can You Prove Discrimination at Work?


Today you’ll learn two things. First, how to prove that you’ve been discriminated against at work if you still have your job. Second, how an attorney in your state can specifically prove unlawful discrimination in the workplace and what the next steps are.

Before contacting a lawyer about employment discrimination, first determined if your case meets the definition of “illegal discrimination”, not to be confused with something you perceive as unfair. Under California law, discrimination is defined as an action or behavior the employer takes against you specifically because of your protected “characteristics”.

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Some of those characteristics are:

-Marital Status
-And more

If you think you fit the bill, then the best course of action (if you’re still employed) does not actually involve HR. Instead, you need to submit a polite and helpful complaint to your hiring manager. Make sure it is not threatening and state clearly you believe you are being treated poorly because of your protected status. Keep this notice on file because the notice will establish a legal groundwork. Also, the hiring manager will almost always contact HR which will perceive an increased risk and put a stop to the discriminatory behavior. Finally, this kind of action establishes that you will fight yourself.

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