A Simple Guide to Flu Treatment

A Simple Guide to Flu Treatment


The flu is a tricky virus. It adapts year after year to the treatments and vaccines we create to stop it. It affects some people like a simple head cold but sends others to the hospital. For some, it requires length hospital stays as they get treated for secondary pneumonia. For others, they hardly notice it and accidentally contribute to its spread.

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If you have come down with the flu, you don’t have to rely on chicken soup to ease your symptoms and reduce the duration of your illness. Medications for the flu, when used correctly, can help you through the illness better than most natural remedies.

When you first notice that you seem to have the flu, it’s important to talk to your doctor immediately. Most medications for the flu work best if administered in the first two days of symptoms. They can reduce symptom severity and duration, and more importantly, they can reduce the risk that you will spread the virus to those you love.

Most flu medications have few side effects and should be taken even before diagnostic test results confirm that you have the flu. This way, you are practically guaranteed to get the benefits of the flu treatment you take.


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