How to Properly Get Rid of Silverfish

How to Properly Get Rid of Silverfish


When you’ve noticed there’s a little bit of pest infestation in your home, and you see silver creepy-crawlies, then it is a sign that the pest that wreaks havoc in your home is silverfish. Here are some tips on silverfish extermination.

Silverfish Extermination Guide


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A typical silverfish lays 1 to 3 eggs a day, and their eggs can only hatch around 50 to 75 percent humidity levels. If possible, keep the humidity down in your house as this can be an excellent way for these eggs not to hatch.

2. Silverfish only survive in climates above 72 degrees; keeping your house around 65 degrees for a couple of weeks will help get rid of them.

3. An effective way to get rid of silverfish is pesticide use. A pest control professional seems like a good thing, but it is an expensive choice. Buying a reliable pesticide for silverfish extermination goes a long way to keep their numbers at bay or even totally get rid of them.

4. The silverfish is a nocturnal creature and often wander around during night time, it is advisable during the day to keep garbage, old bottles, and other forms of trash dumped in the dumpster outside of your home to keep them from coming in and out. Check your closet and cabinet as they are often seen in these areas during the daytime as they doze off until the night.


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