Methods for Bark Dust Installation

Methods for Bark Dust Installation


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Bark dust installation can be handy for any gardener or landscaping enthusiast. Bark dust and wood chips offer plenty of benefits, making them one of the best options for creating pathways or barriers in your garden.

One of the reasons bark dust works so well is because it is inexpensive. Other options, like stone, can cost more.

Additionally, it’s relatively light and can be transported more easily than stones.

Another reason bark dust works so well is that it is biodegradable. The bark dust will decompose over time and serve as fuel for your soil. This will ensure a healthy ground for you to grow a variety of plants and veggies.

When installing barkdust, you can lay it directly into a shallow trench, or place a strips of cardboard as a base. The cardboard helps block weed growth and will also decompose and help your soil. You may also use landscaping fabric, a more expensive but equally as effective base.

Add 4-6 inches of bark dust on top of your base layer and tamp it down. Then go over with another inch to ensure a good depth. This will strengthen your defenses against invasive weeds and insulate the soil from heat and evaporation.

Bark dust offers a simple and inexpensive, yet effective, material to build pathways in your garden. You can start a DIY project, or contact your local landscaper to discuss bark dust installation.



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