Learning About the Yamaha C3 Grand Piano

Learning About the Yamaha C3 Grand Piano


One of the most popular brands of the piano is Yamaha. Yamaha pianos are a Japanese brand that is popular among both beginners and professionals. Grand pianos are a type of piano that is quite large and meant to be used on stage rather than inside of a home. In this video, you will learn about a Yamaha grand piano, the C3.

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You will learn everything there is to know about it so that you can understand why it is so popular among musicians.

In this video, the particular C3 piano being showcased is of polished ebony finish and was built in 1990. It is six feet and one inch in size. The video will go through all of the specifications of the piano and explain what sets it apart from other grand pianos. It is well-built and produces quality sounds when played. The video will demonstrate the clean tune it has so you can hear just why people like it in particular. Even among these C3 pianos, their tones might be slightly different, offering a unique personality.


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