Benefits of a Marine Isolation Transformer

Benefits of a Marine Isolation Transformer


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Marine isolation transformers are crucial to getting good clean power for your boat. To understand more about what they do and the factors to consider before buying, read on!

Most boats come with an isolation transformer, but what do they do? Isolation transformers protect your boat’s underwater metals from galvanic corrosion and reverse polarity.

Isolation transformers take the unstable, and potentially fatal, AC power from sources on the shore and convert it into stable and clean power for your boat.

When you are looking at marine isolation transformers, you have to take a few things into account. Not everybody has an enormous boat with a ton of room. The weight and volume of the transformer need to fit the dimensions and capability of your boat.

Another factor is price. Costs are around a couple hundred for the machine, plus installation, averaging around $600. It’s well worth the investment as it can prevent straight current corrosion and protect you and nearby swimmers from unstable AC power currents from shore sources.

If you want to know more about marine isolation transformers, talk with managers at your local marina, or even fellow boatsmen. Take the time and money to learn more about isolation transformers and improve the longevity and safety of your boat.



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