Professional v. Private Security Systems

Professional v. Private Security Systems


This YouTube video discusses different security system products. In particular, it looks at professional and personal equipment.

Different Goals
Both sets of equipment have different goals in mind. While prices are higher, professional-grade security systems are created with the best electronics in mind for protection.

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Conversely, consumer-grade products set the price point first and then build the product. Thus, what’s available is normally less than a professional security system.

Retail Locations
For the most part, consumer security systems can be purchased at big box stores. This can be electronics-based like Best Buy or a standard location like Wal-Mart. Professional security systems are available only through the vendors or their authorized dealers.

Equipment Quality
Quality is also a consideration. At the consumer level, companies look for a comfortable price point. When the price is lower it tends to me the quality is also at a lower grade.

On the other hand, professional security systems are made to withstand the elements and treacherous environments. Thus, items like cables are heavier because they contain more shielding.

In the end, different security system products cater to separate audiences. To find out which one fits your needs, speak to a security firm for more information.

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