Benefits of Single-Ply EPDM

Benefits of Single-Ply EPDM


Single-ply EPDM is a wet lay adhesive that’s only applied to one side of the insulation. It’s easy and fast to apply and does not require many people to do right. Once the adhesive is spread, it should be allowed some time to become tacky so that it sticks well.

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If misapplied, it can be pulled off and reapplied if the adhesive is still tacky and wet.
One of its advantages is that it’s odor-free and has no risk of causing fume issues on site to customers and workers. It can also help save up to 50% on adhesive labor and is non-flammable, making it generally less risky to work with.
It can be sold and used throughout the United States and is V.O.C. compliant, meaning that it’s easy to find when required. It’s also a non-water-based adhesive with a moisture cure chemistry with an equivalent installed cost. Finally, single-ply EPDM has a wide range of applications, including hospitals, food processing plants, schools, and other places where the occupants should not be exposed to solvents.

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