Benefits of Ancient Grains for Your Dog

Benefits of Ancient Grains for Your Dog


Most people would quickly explain what grains are. However, the majority would find it a little challenging to define ancient grains. The YouTube video, What Are Ancient Grains? Top 7 Ancient Grains And Their Health Benefits defines and explains what they are. It tells the viewers the numerous health benefits of these types of grains.

It may seem a little odd to mention grains, ancient or otherwise, as part of a dog’s diet. However, there is some evidence that mixing dog food with ancient grains or at least incorporating grains can be very beneficial to the dog. Ancient grains are rich in protein and fiber, which are both helpful for the dog.

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Protein can help the dog put on weight, while fiber helps prevent loose stool.

Ancient grains have typically existed for centuries, if not millennia, without changing. Genetic modification has increasingly altered food and is a significant issue affecting the food industry. Some of these ancient grains include; Quinoa, Amaranth, Sorghum, and Buckwheat. However, most people would prefer only the unaltered grain types for themselves and their families. There are many benefits surrounding ancient grains that can be advantageous to dogs. It is advisable to start small to see how the dog responds.


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