Should You Enroll Your Child in a Public or Private School?

Should You Enroll Your Child in a Public or Private School?


School season is around the corner, and the timeless question appears again, what’s better for my kids, private or public school? In this video of the Economist, we will teach you how to pick the right school for your kids.

The booming of private schools

Private schools are rising in popularity, not only in America but in all countries around the globe. A private school offers a different kind of education, which is dictated by the school board, as opposed to public schools, where the education relies on a state curriculum.

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A better education

Private school offers a dedicated education to your child, but this comes with a high price. Moreover, as incomes go high and birthrates go down, it’s common to see more kids enlisting in private schools rather than public schools.

Private schools offer more resources

Private schools offer something unique to your kid and give them more resources and technology than public schools. Although public schools have an acceptable education, private schools provide more tools for your kid’s future.

Although private schools are the best option, public schools are still acceptable for your kid. For more information about education, please watch our video.


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