What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon


According to the video “On the Roof” with Dr. Ghavani, you shouldn’t go just by social media posts when choosing plastic surgeons in your area. Dr. Ghavani, who shares his expertise from a rooftop, states that plastic surgeons post ads on all social media sites.

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These posts may look professional with a couple of before and after photos or cool and sexy ads to draw you in, but some could actually be someone you really want to avoid. When choosing from plastic surgeons in any location, instead, go to their website when seeking ethics, honesty, and truly good results.

Accomplishing these results, according to Dr. Ghavani, means looking for several things on their site. How long have they been in practice? Look for information about their board certification. The certification shows when they were certified and where answering that particular question. A good plastic surgeon always offers his clients experience, skill, expertise, and professional board certification. Also, look through their before and after photos. There should be more than just a few thrown onto a social media ad. Their photos should be numerous enough to span the entire length of their career.


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