8 Home Exterior Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know About

8 Home Exterior Renovation Tips Everyone Should Know About


First impressions are very important. It’s especially more important in real estate. Buyers might be less interested in inspecting the rest of a property if the outside is unattractive and lacks the porch decor.

The interiors might be stunning, but a home that lacks curb appeal feels unwelcoming to visitors and potential buyers.

Curb appeal goes beyond what neighbors have to say about the flowers you’ve chosen for the front of the home. A few more quick, less costly changes to your house’s exterior could go a long way to make the process of home selling profitable, easier, and quick.

It’s, however, all too easy to get over-excited and jump into a renovation without a plan. The result is unplanned expenses, costs, and potential disappointment. Fortunately, there’s a fix for this.

Whether you are looking to give your home a facelift or sell you want to sell it, you can achieve that high-end look without extending your budget. Simplify the renovation project and enjoy yourself more by following the following home exterior renovation tips and ideas for handling your project.

Have a Project Plan

The first step in a home renovation project is to build a plan that clearly states the goals, design inspirations, and an outline and breakdown of the work that needs to be completed.

Your home remodeling project plan should include:

  • Sketches and blueprints of your finished project
  • A list of requirements for your project
  • Project steps showing the DIY steps and ones that will need a professional

Also important on this point of home exterior renovation tips, is to investigate local zoning regulations. If the project will change the structure of your property, you’ll most likely need a permit. Make sure your area is zoned for your remodel and find out if you will need a permit. Apply for permits when you’ve hired a team and developed a project timeline.

Set a Budget

Setting a budget is very important as one of the home exterior renovation tips. Before starting the project, determine and set your budget and financing.

The home renovation project budget will include the costs for permits, building materials, labor costs, and the cost of cosmetic touches.

To build your project budget:

  • Determine how much you’re willing to spend
  • Ask for cost estimates from a home renovation professional
  • Secure finances
  • Set aside at least 15% of your budget for unexpected expenses
  • Evaluate all required materials

In case your estimates don’t fit in your budget, revise your home renovation project plan and eliminate elements that are lower priority. Fetch cost estimates from various contractors and pick the best choice for your budget.

Hire an Experienced Contractor

You don’t want to pay too much and not get what you want. One of the most important home exterior renovation tips is the contractor factor. In real estate, having the right contractor is as important as the estate itself. It pays to do your homework well and talk to several contractors before making the final decision.

In general contracting when selecting your contractors, consider the following:

Contracting license – Make sure the contractor is certified to do the job and has undergone the entire process needed to obtain a license specific to your project.

Years of experience – Pick a contractor that has enough experience with the same exterior style you need for your home.

Certificate of insurance – Does the contractor have workers’ compensation and liability insurance?

References – References are a great way to ascertain your contractor’s experience.

Payments – Consider the payment schedule for different contractors. Also, prefer paying by check to cash. A contractor who asks for cash payments is likely a scam.

Some projects may need more than one contractor. If you’re hiring multiple contractors for your project, find out who is in charge beforehand to avoid confusion later.

Balance is Key

Balance is a key aspect of any home renovation project and one of the home exterior renovation tips. Your home’s exterior and overall structure layout must be balanced.

A property’s structural balance can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Symmetrical Balance – The layout is all about the home’s even proportions. The design is common among traditional home designs such as Cape Cod or Craftsman.

Asymmetrical Balance – Rather than having identical layouts on either side of a home’s central axis like in a symmetrically balanced home, asymmetrically balanced compounds emphasize the equal visual weight of objects on either side of the central line. It’s the most modern home design.

Next, find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Ensure the final product is a home that offers functional benefits and also drips in curb appeal.

Finally, it’s essential to make sure your property fits into the existing environment. Renovations that are not harmonious with properties in the neighborhood may affect the return on investment (ROI).

Prioritize Projects

Priority is one of the top home exterior renovation tips. The tricky part in home renovation is in knowing projects that need immediate attention, those that can wait, and also how long a project can wait. If you’re planning a home renovation, you’ll need to prioritize the projects.

When making a home reno, deciding where you’ll put your dollars is very important. Mostly, priority should be given to projects that will maximize your property’s value today and for years to come.

Here are things to prioritize in a home renovation project:

Safety – When evaluating the reno work for your home, prioritize the structural elements. Is your house structurally sound? Is the roof broken? Are the security lights working? Does your house have asbestos?

Tackling structural issues in your home should be the first step in your home renovation process. These improvements are necessary for the health and safety of your family.

Longevity, Sustainability, and Efficiency – These types of renovations aren’t always appealing, but repairing your window or buying a replacement window before making a kitchen facelift will help your place run more efficiently and save you money on your cooling and heating bills long-term.

Improved Function – This type of reno prioritizes areas that increase the overall enjoyment of your home. Start with areas in your house where you spend and enjoy most of your time. Could be a kitchen, tv room, grass lawn, or any other.

Think Return on Investment (ROI)

When it comes to home exterior renovation tips, return on investment (ROI) is paramount. Whether you’re planning to sell your property soon, or you just want simple upgrades for a comfortable home, there’re several ways to boost your property’s improvement ROI (return on investment).

Are you looking for home renovation projects that pay off? The following is a list of exterior reno project ideas that will give you a high ROI.

Exterior Paint; You’ll be surprised what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home facade. Exterior painting is a perfect way to make your home attractive and comfortable. On average, ROI for exterior painting is 55%. Make sure to have color schemes that fit the surrounding atmosphere.

Entryway upgrade – improving the entrance to your home will have a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal. Use contrasting colors with a darker hue to make the entryway pop. A bit of cover high up will also do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

New sidings – When it comes to home exterior renovation tips, sidings can make a great impact. Siding adds decorative and protective cladding that enhances the curb appeal, performance, and value of your home. Common siding materials include wood, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement.

Landscape Upgrade – One way to add value to your property is by working on your home’s landscaping. Choose a layout that will fit the compound and surrounding environment. Various activities go into landscape improvement an arborist for activities including planting trees and flowers; investing in a modern lawn; Spicing up the front walkway; installing an irrigation repair system. You need a local landscaper for professional landscaping.

Garage doors upgrade; Most garage doors are visible from the street. A garage door is therefore an important aspect of home improvement and should match your home’s architecture. Painting the garage door to match the rest of the home can make a big difference. You may also add lighting to the door in a similar design to that used on the main entrance.

New garage door installation and replacement is also an option and can highly boost the ROI. Check for an option that blends in with the atmosphere and is within your budget.

Outdoor Kitchen – In nice and sunny weather, One thing that you certainly don’t want is to be trapped inside an indoor kitchen. This is the reason why outdoor kitchens have become very popular among property buyers.

With diverse outdoor cooking options, buyers want to be sure they can get outside and make that delicious meal. An outdoor kitchen is therefore a top project for homeowners looking to increase their ROI. Look out for durable materials to ensure new installations can withstand the test of time. Outdoor kitchens can be made from wood, metal, or concrete blocks done by a concrete contractor.

Go Trendy

In the dynamic world that we live in, the best thing you can do is keep up with the industrial and life trends. This is particularly true with real estate where innovations are emerging daily.

While it’s understandable to stick with the tried and tested things that have been done over the years, integrating new things will set your home apart and keep it unique, current, and worth an investment.

Here are some of the top trends in home exterior renovation and remodeling:

Outdoor Areas – The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the appetite for investing in home outdoor areas. With this appetite come innovations and trends. Some of the outdoor home renovation trends include spaces for outdoor workspaces, year-round use outdoor rooms, fire pits, grills, barbecues, vertical gardens, and swimming pools.

Landscape Lightings – Home renovation is taking a trendy path with lawns and walkways lighting. Landscape lighting is a great way to modernize your home’s aesthetics. Lightings showcase the lines in the yard and allow nighttime visibility of walkways and enhance the overall security of your property. Examples of landscape lighting include motion-sensing lights, linear lighting, recessed lighting, bistro lighting, stylish scones, smart lighting, and color-changing lights, among others.

Asymmetry home designs – Instead of making every inch of your home match up or be symmetrical to the opposite side, homeowners are now going asymmetry. It involves using a unique style in one area and switching to a different one for another area. The idea is to have an exterior that is pleasing to the eye.

Walls of Glass – In recent years, homeowners have been turning to the wall of glass to upgrade their home exteriors. The trend is expected to pick up in 2023 as the world continues to emphasize indoor/outdoor living. The wall of glass makes sense as the need to visually invite the outdoors grows.

Metal Roof – Metal roofing is becoming more popular due to its low maintenance roofing cost, availability of local roofer, durability, and range of styles to choose from. Metal roofs are currently available in a wide range of styles, including standing seam roofs, and metal tiles. Today, metal tiles are being customized to give your roof a look of clay, stone, or something very unique. Shutter installation is key.

Take Your Time

The timeline for exterior home renovations varies depending on the magnitude of the project and the labor force. While a few cosmetic touches may be finished in two days, other renovations like landscaping may take several weeks to be complete.

The most important thing is to take time in every step. Don’t rush through any project. An exterior home renovation isn’t an activity to gallop through. After all, your goal is to upgrade your home’s overall appearance and value, not to create bigger problems down the road.

The key to beautifully renovating your home on a budget is primarily to effectively plan the entire process.

Any renovation project can appear overwhelming and unachievable. However, like every other project, a home renovation project will certainly go more smoothly with a couple of insider tips.

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