Sustainable Recycling Tips

Sustainable Recycling Tips


Are you recycling your things properly? Many people make mistakes when recycling, and these mistakes can cause recyclables to be rejected. These sustainable recycling tips from WWF UK will help you avoid missteps and do what you can to protect the environment.

One of the most common recycling mistakes is forgetting to clean items before you put them in the recycling bin. Remember, only clean items can be recycled! Get in the habit of rinsing off jars of pasta, empty cans, and other recyclables.

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Another error that many people make is trying to recycle items that aren’t actually recyclable. You should avoid recycling things like empty toothpaste tubes, tissues, and wrapping paper.

While you may want to recycle as many items as you can, very small items can be difficult for recycling machines to break down. It’s best to leave items like bottle caps and tabs out of the recycling. As a rule of thumb, if you’re not sure that an item can be recycled, you should leave it out of your recycling bin.

You may have developed some bad habits when it comes to recycling, but thankfully, these habits can easily be replaced with new ones. With these simple recycling tips, you’ll be able to reduce your carbon footprint.


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