How to Find the Right Florist

How to Find the Right Florist


In this video, San Francisco School of Flower Design’s Michael Gaffney presents essential traits to look for in finding the right florist. The best florist available is the one who will bring your dreams into reality in the form of stunning arrays of flowers.

The best florist should make you relaxed and comfortable. You should feel comfortable with your stylist within minutes of entering the shop.

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The goal of a designer is to work with the couple, not to sell them.

The designer should be able to work with whatever scale and budget you have in mind. The average wedding flower arrangement comes in between $700 and $2,500. Whatever your wedding needs are, they should be able to present immediate ideas to bring that vision to life.

Professionals will not like being asked for free stuff. At the same time, look for free services included with your floral arrangement. The best florist should have a reasonable labor cost. Wedding florists should be available – and you should be comfortable asking for them.

You can enjoy your wedding day in peace and comfort, knowing that the professionals you’ve hired are helping make the details work.


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