How to Choose the Right Pre K Program

How to Choose the Right Pre K Program


Choosing the best preschool for your little one is a difficult but crucial decision. While the Pre K program is not required, there are some things to consider if you decide to enroll your child. The attached video explains what factors to look into when selecting a preschool.

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Firstly, find out what the philosophy of the school is. This is what the school’s educational beliefs and principles are towards early education.

The ideal school should focus more on play, exploration, and creativity. If children are given the freedom to explore and create, they will learn faster compared to following instructions. Playing allows the children to use their imagination and they’ll learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Ask to visit the schools during free play. That’ll give you a chance to see the different activities and materials available for them. You’ll also see how the teachers interact with the children, such as whether they strike a balance between observing the children, and then asking them to explain their creations, activities, and artwork.

When choosing the right Pre K program, also ensure the surroundings are clean and safe. Most importantly, trust your gut when it comes to choosing where your child will be happy.

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