What is Well Dewatering?

What is Well Dewatering?


Did you know it is sometimes necessary to dewater a well? The video offers insight into how a commercial dewatering system is used to carry out such a project.

Dewatering a well is the process of lowering the water table so that work can be done in the area. This kind of work may be necessary if water or sewer pipelines need to be installed or building foundations or footings are needed.

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A mining company may also call for dewatering if they need to lower the water level to keep their workers dry.

The first step of dewatering involves gathering information about the water table, including the depth to which it needs to be lowered and the type of soil in the vicinity. This is also a good time to do a test drill. In the planning stage, you must determine how many wells will be needed, how far apart they will be spaced, and where the water will be discharged. Permits are usually required before you can do the last of these. In the execution stage, you must choose specific pumps, attach a power supply through control panels, and start dewatering. Now you know the most important facts and features of dewatering.


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