Should You Become a Trash Hauler?

Should You Become a Trash Hauler?


Are you tired of your current job? Are you looking to make good money running your own business? The video offers great insight into how nearly anyone can be successful in the trash removal services industry.

The presenter in the video makes two thousand dollars a day slinging trash, as he says. He also stresses the point that to make this amount of money you must have multiple sources of revenue, including roll-offs, dumpster trailer rentals, residential pick-ups, scrap removals, and related services. This business model will not work in all residential areas.

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If you are trying to get started in a heavily populated area, you will find it hard to gain traction. The trash removal services in such areas tend to be contracted through local governments, which will contract with large established garbage collection companies to save money. If you are in a rural area and have the right permits, insurance, and licenses, you will have a better shot at starting and growing your business.

Do you need a Commercial Driver’s License? The short answer is no if the combined weight of the vehicles you use is under a certain threshold. Now you have all the information you need to decide whether you want to become a trash hauler.


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