Adding an Ark Dedicated Server Switching Map

Adding an Ark Dedicated Server Switching Map


This YouTube video by The Gaming Junkie Show goes through the necessary steps to create ark dedicated server switching maps.

What is an Ark Dedicated Server?
First, you must know the definition of a dedicated server. It allows the user to have a unique internet protocol (IP) address and device only for them.

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An Ark dedicated server is a similar concept for virtual multiplayer games. It allows someone to set up a unique address that they and invited players can access to engage in a copy of a game.

Why is it Needed?
There are plenty of massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games on the market. However, these can get crowded. Thus, the use of an Ark dedicated server allows participants to play with their friends on their own schedule.

How Much Does It Cost?
Hosting through a third-party service doesn’t cost much, except for the amount of electricity you use. On the other hand, you do have to pay a large fee if you want to rent an Ark dedicated server from another company.

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