How to See What Your Community Truly Needs

How to See What Your Community Truly Needs


Our whole world is made up of communities, and we all belong to one. Communities work together to solve problems, and often need to overcome obstacles in order to be successful and grow. When you look at the community around you, what do you see? Are people being properly taken care of, or is there a sort of bias against a certain group of people? Are your facilities working properly to keep everyone safe, or are their systems that can be functioning better? This video gives an outline of how community needs assessments help creation action plans for groups.

In order to complete a thorough and accurate community assessment, certain steps and procedures need to be followed. First, you must define the scope of your community.

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How many people make up your community, and what groups do they form? Next, gather data on your community. Ask people about how they feel about living there, or hand out a survey to find out what people think. Once you locate some key findings and trends in people’s’ answers, determine which issues take priority. Finally, make a game plan as to how to tackle these problems and improve your community one step at a time.


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