What to Expect at Your First Adult Swimming Class

What to Expect at Your First Adult Swimming Class


A large amount of adults have never learned how to swim. If you can’t swim or experience anxiety around large bodies of water, this is nothing to be ashamed of! There are several people in the very same spot as you. Swimming is something that, if not taught at a young age, can go without being taught for long periods of time. Adults everywhere are starting to learn how to swim, all starting with a single lesson. If you are an adult looking to sign up for swimming classes, or are nervous about what they may entail, this video details what you can expect from your first few adult swimming lessons.

First of all, be ready to examine your objectives. If you want to learn to swim to be an athlete, then your swimming lessons will be different than those who just want to learn for safety.

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If you are training to be a lifeguard, you will have a tougher schedule and learn several other techniques than someone learning for leisure. At you first lesson, you will learn about proper swimming equipment and how to enter the pool safely. Once your instructor can gauge where you are at, they will begin teaching you to tread water.


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