Everything You Need To Know About Your Refrigerated Trailer

Everything You Need To Know About Your Refrigerated Trailer


A refrigerated trailer, commonly referred to as a reefer, is a cylindrical container that maintains the temperature of its contents consistently over time. A reefer trailer’s feature is that the refrigerator is located at the front, along with a control panel that allows you to monitor the trailer’s internal temperature. Additionally, you use the control panel to turn the trail on and off.

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Kyle Beavon explains the features of a reefer trailer in his YouTube video, “Reefer Trailer|What You Need To Know,” stating that the driver’s section is the point with a fuel gauge and fill port. When the fuel gauge is inaccurate, you can check the fuel level with a stick. You should, however, exercise caution to avoid fuel spills.

When using a refrigerated trailer, verify that the trailer is set to the appropriate temperature for your store. If you’re unsure about the container’s temperature, you can check the Bill of Landing upon delivery. Most trailers have either a continuous mode for frozen products or an on and off-cycle mode that can be programmed to turn on and offer the desired temperature.

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