How Are Explosion Proof Cameras Made?

How Are Explosion Proof Cameras Made?


Are you interested in how explosion proof cameras are made? These are very important in the oil rig field and can be used in all types of hazardous areas. These explosion resistant cameras are tested and are sent through tons of trials to become the best of the best before they are sent to the companies who need them most. In this video, we can see the step by step process of how these explosion proof cameras are made and what they have to go through before they can be sent to oil rig companies.

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There is a lot of manufacturing that goes into these explosion resistant cameras used for oil and gas companies. This is because they need to be 100% explosion proof because anything could happen on these oil sites. These cameras will go through trials and tests, such as the waterproof test where they will ensure it continues to work through and after getting drenched in water. This is a very important test that will ensure the camera won’t short or get damaged from water.

Watch this entire video to see all of the tests this camera has to go through before being fully used by a company.


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