How to Install an AC Unit in My Home

How to Install an AC Unit in My Home


Hiring an HVAC professional for your air conditioning installation is always the best bet, but if you are interested in how you can install a ductless mini-split air conditioning unit in your home, this video is great for you! This video takes you through this step by step process of how to install your AC unit correctly for your whole home to get great cool air during those hot months. There are different tools you need to do this job efficiently, such as screwdrivers, pliers, a leveler, a box cutter, gloves, protective glasses, a drill, a wrench, a vacuum pump, a dry nitrogen tank with a regulator, and more.

Plan out where this air conditioner will be placed. You should ensure you leave at least 6 feet of room to the ground to ensure great airflow.

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You should also measure out how big it will be on the wall, so it will properly fit. Once you figure out where you are placing this HVAC unit, you can begin the installation process. To learn even more about this process and to see this expert install a ductless AC unit in this home, watch this video.


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