What You Should Know About Plate Heat Exchangers

What You Should Know About Plate Heat Exchangers


You may be wondering what a heat exchanger is and what they do. In this video, they will go over and show us how plate heat exchangers work and how they are used. Throughout this video, there are pictures and animations about how heat and fluids flow through these exchangers.

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These exchangers have the hot fluid entering on the top left side and coming out at the bottom left side, while the cold fluid goes in at the bottom right and comes out at the top right. This expert shows how these fluids flow through this exchanger, and how the cold fluid becomes warmer as it passes through this exchanger. He describes how this cold fluid becomes denser and the reasons why they put it in at the bottom. This cold fluid would take a lot more energy to pump out if it was inserted at the top of this exchanger.

To learn all about plate heat exchangers and how they work, watch this entire video. You may learn a lot about these and find out what they are used for. Whether you are interested in joining a field that would handle these routinely or you are just curious, this video is for you.


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