Three Strategies to Make the Best Use of Your Land

Three Strategies to Make the Best Use of Your Land


There are many different ways to make money off of a plot of land. Three strategies you can employ to make the best use of your land include hosting fruit and animals, planting paulownia trees and berries, and cultivating black walnut trees and mushrooms.

While it’s common for a piece of land to have fruit trees or animals on it, most land doesn’t contain both of these things. Combining fruit trees and livestock is a highly effective system because the animals can get rid of weeds and pests and help fertilize the trees with their waste.

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Paulownia trees are an excellent choice because they grow extremely quickly, produce lightweight hardwood, and are highly resistant to rotting. They are also self-fertilizing because they supply soil with nitrogen. Planting berries under these trees will strongly increase their yield.

Finally, the best way to make a profit off of your land is to plant black walnut trees very close to each other. These trees will provide a heavy blanket of shade, creating a perfect space for mushrooms and ginseng. This will allow you to produce three highly valuable items at once.

There are several different options for making money off of your land. With a bit of skill, you can easily make a good profit using one or more of the above techniques.


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